Students attend LifeLong Learning Society classes at Temple Fort Washington.

Lifelong Learning Society

If you enjoy active, stimulating classes with great teachers, topics, and students, the Lifelong Learning Society series of classes is for you!

Classes are designed for learners 50 and up, but adult learners of all ages are welcome. After paying a the fall semester fee ($105), you may enroll in as many of the Lifelong Learning Society courses as you like.

The fall 2015 session will begin on Wednesday, October 14.

The Lifelong Learning Society Open House for prospective members will taking place on Wednesday, October 7, at 11 a.m. This is a great opportunity to get to know us!

Please contact us by phone at 267-468-8500 or e-mail at for more information or to receive a brochure by mail.

Fall 2015 Classes

(All programs listed are 6-week courses - once a week on Wednesdays, unless otherwise noted)

Let the Good Times Roll! Euphoria, Decadence, Spiritual Poverty and Social Degeneration from 1918 to 1945

A Forum on National and International Events

Using Your Smart Devices and the Impact of Technology on our Lives

The Bible as Literature

Islam - Understanding the World's Second Largest Religion

Great Opera Singers of Film and TV - Part 2

Lifelong Learning Computer Club (offered at the Ambler campus on six Fridays)

The B. Batsheva Friedman Lecture Series: Lectures That Matter

Lectures include:

  • 3D Printing: Not Quite Star Trek, but it Sure Seems Like it! How Will it Impact Your Life?

  • Composition in Photography and Art - Enhancing Your Perspective When Creating or Viewing Art

  • FDR and Hitler: 1933 to 1945, Their Parallel Careers, Secret Illnesses, Deaths and Effects on World History

  • Frequently Askes Questions about Muslims and Their Faith

  • 100 Years of American Attitudes Toward War

  • Make 'em Laugh - Comic Songs from Theater, Film and Cabaret